Aretesyn MVME8105 NXP® QORIQ® P5020 VME64X SBC

The Artesyn Embedded Technologies MVME8105 is a high performance 6U VME SBC featuring the NXP® QorIQ® P5020 2.0 GHz processor supporting high speed DDR3-1333 MHz with ECC. It offers expanded IO and memory features with multiple USB, Serial and Ethernet ports.

Memory includes up to 4 GB DDR3, 512 K MRAM non-volatile memory, and 8 GB eMMC NAND Flash. The MVME8105 provides technology insertion to prolong current programs while providing more computing performance and data throughput. Compared to other variants of the MVME8100 series, the MVME8105 is designed to match the highest computing power with a reduction of VXS interface. In addition, it increases the number of Gigabit Ethernet ports to two (2) on the front panel, which is suitable for applications requiring higher Ethernet connection capacities.

Supporting a full range of BSPs including Wind River VxWorks, Linux and Green Hills Integrity, the MVME8105 is suitable for a range of high end industrial control such as SPE and photo lithography, and C4ISR (including RadarSonar) and it is also an ideal SBC solution for the high performance missionsafety critical applications.

Category VMEBUS (MVME)
Manufacturer Artesyn
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